When I was in college, my roommate Liz and I used to love watching the show 24. We would take our lunch plates in the sorority house upstairs and shut the doors, only to return them to the kitchen when the episode was over. I used to be amazed at how quickly things turn around in a 42-minute Hollywood-produced show. Then I realized that that really does happen.

When I was at camp, the whole reality of my situation with Kike and the apparent shutdown of all of my short-term plans kinda blew up in my face. I spent the whole first week in tears because, for the first time, I felt like I didn’t have a plan B. I have been spending countless hours looking for graduate programs, both back home and abroad, and nothing really stands out to me. I know that coming home will mean I stay home, so that doesn’t seem like an option. I have no job credibility and little work experience. I feel like my resume is out of date, my contacts thin. I’m so back and forth with my ideas for how to move forward that I’m going crazy and am going to try and sort this all out with a career counselor this week.

I’ve tried to imagine myself in a year. And it seems Spain is the only place I want to be. But my mom thinks that a degree in Spain won’t be worth anything. I think any post-grad work and the opportunity to intern and get some work experience is worth a lot.

So, I’m 24 now and still without a plan. Things were so much simpler in college!

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