Futbol versus Faith

I’m home on a Thursday watching TV with the nov and his little brother. Kike is predictable: if it’s between 12 and 15h, the news is on. After, it’s Se lo que Hicistéis (a personal favorite of mine), then the animal documentaries while he naps.

We never watch TV at night together – we’re always either out drinking beers or I choose to watch American shows on the Internet. But now, we’re watching the news AGAIN and the sports section just came on. The Liga BBVA, who hosts the best soccer league in the world presumably, had a hard time deciding where to hold the Copa del Rey final to determine the league winner. Since the two most popular teams in Spain, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, are scheduled to pit it out, the game can’t be held in their respective stadiums. These meccas, Bernabeu and Camp Nou, are also the largest in Spain.

So, where to do it? Sevilla’s Olympic Stadium, built for the 92 World Expo, was tapped.

The city of Sevilla’s reaction? Oh, no, you can’t do that here. Not on Jueves Santo.

The game is slated for April 20th, the day that all the famous processions take place during Holy Week, so clearly that is out of the question. Zaragoza, a large city between the two, will allow 35,000 lucky fans to see the game live.

Dude, Sevilla, you’re getting predictable.

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