Spain Life in Photos: SIMOF

Do you ever have any of those, “How the HELL did I end up here?” moments? I do frequently. They usually happen in the morning when I see how teeny my counterparts are. How did I go from being set on pursuing a serious journalistic career to wiping away snot and entertaining with the Hokey Pokey?

But recently I had a good one of those moments. Kelly and I went to SIMOF, the Salón Internacional de Moda Flamenca, a yearly exposition of flamenco dress fashion held in Sevilla.

The lights dimmed and Kelly and I sat up in our seventh-row seats. A singer broke out into a copla dedicated to the designer’s hometown and the stage flooded in red. The silhouette of a flamenca, peineta perched on her head, appeared in front of the screen and the lights went up. Kelly and I let out a collective “Ahh!” and continued to marvel at the designs Loli Vera presented. We turned to each other frequently as if to say, “How did we end up here?”

Pastels, brocade and lace took the place of the ever-present lunares, though the models looked bored and talk on stage. Always true to Sevillana style.

here’s a bonus:

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