Media Española?

Kike told me this weekend that, to him, “Cada día, me pareces más española.” Everyday, you seem more Spanish to me. Finally. Although I will forever be a guiri, or anyone of Anglo descent, I think my mannerisms and lifestyle have adapted so much. Nancy told me I was a whole new person.
That was kind of my intent, and if I’m gonna be something else besides American, I might as well be Spanish. After all, Spanish women are sassy and know what they want. I got the sass down, and I’m trying really hard to figure out what I want. I did call the Ministry of Education, the government entity that runs my program, to ask about renewal. I pretty much just have to sign a sheet saying I want to stay in Andalucía, and another to say I want to stay at the same school. So I guess it’s settled. I’m staying here next year.I really REALLY felt Spanish this weekend. After visiting the chicas in Huelva on Thursday night, downing tequila shots with my roommates and their friends and boyfriends on Friday night and then going to a discoteca, I went to San Nicholas del Puerto, the teeeeeny town Kike is from. Though it’s picturesque, with skinny streets, donkeys wandering around the pastures and hills surrounding the town and waterfalls close by, I can imagine that the people think going to the bar to have a Miura Linda is about the most exciting thing. Regardless, we ate and drank well with the 700 other inhabitants. Kike knew everyone, and I think he was one of the only people who decided to move away from San Nicolas. But I was the only native English speakers, thus forcing me to express myself in Spanish.
It’s still difficult for me with certain people, and I find I forget vocab words I’ve known for years. And despite my best efforts to read and watch TV in Spanish and only speak in Spanish when I’m with Kike and his friends or Melissa, I feel like I’m on the short bus or something. In five weeks in Valladolid, I was a Spanish rockstar and was even dreaming in Spanish. But I’m really adapting to the lifestyle here. I find myself buying things I wouldn’t DARE to in the States – colored tights being one of them. I no longer wait for cars to stop before I walk out into the pedestrian crossing. I wear my sunglasses when it’s dusk. I’ll stay another year to become REALLLLLLY Spanish I think. That or marry Kike and be forced to stay here for another ten years. Ha, kidding. But seriously, I think it’s pretty hot that my boyfriend is a combat pilot.

Again, I have not put on a ton of weight. I’m back down to my normal size. Anyway, David, Susana, Kike, Alfonso y yo a las Cascadas de la Sierra. I clearly have a beer in my hand.

Below, my new roommate Sanne. Did I mention I have a new roommate? Eva left to go back to Germany, and was replaced by Sanne, who is another auxiliar in Tomares, from northern England, and suppppper nice. She, Melissa and I at Madruga for flamenco.

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