I seem to be dreaming in rojo these days, changing classes and donning face paint to support LA ROJA. Four-hundred fifty minutes and six goals later, Spain is in the semifinals for the first time in world Cup history, led by El Guaje, David Villa. I am glued to the TV like I would be to the Olympics.
Doesn´t everyone remember my stating I don´t really like fútbol? Retracted.
Something about the World Cup jsut seems to bring people together. We make plans around games, spend entirely too much money on beer and bar food and don our gear. I´ve seen every Mexico and Germany game, as well as my anfitronas: The US and Spain. The TV is full of ads and commentaries, everything fomr Maradona’s behavior to Ronaldo spitting to Iker Casillas’s girlfriend. Red jerseys appear on the streets on game day and bars advertise the games they’ll show days before, and Spaniards finally agreeing on something (mostly the REALLY crappy officiating).
Watching their quarterfinal match against Paraguay, atop a chair at a chiringuito at Los Canos, banging my hand against the ceiling with every mistake and missed chance, I realized how invested I’ve gotten in this team – and how upset I’ll be if they lose. My voice is still raw, my nerves on end (to the point I can even read the paper today!) and that second half felt like it dragged on for hours.

Paul the Octopus puts us ahead of Germany. If he’s wrong, he goes straight to the caserola. If he’s right and Spain advances to the final..I promise not to eat octopus while in Galicia (and I love it!!)
Yo voy por la Roja – I am 100% invested in los de Del Bosque. A POR ELLOS Ehh-Ohh-Ehh!
Spain has lost just two international matches in the last few years: to the US last summer and to Switzerland in their opening game in South Africa. Sara Carbonero, a Telecinco reporter and Iker Casillas´s girlfriend, was blamed for the latter. Pobrecita.
Speaking of Casillas, he is superstitious and must touch the crossbar of Spain´s goalpost after each goal.
There´s some famous octopus that has correctly guessed the outcome of big matches in this year´s cup. He’s predicted Spain will be the champion tomorrow, moving on to the championship round against the winner of today´s Holland-Uruguay game.
Spain has yet to add a World Cup title to its long list of accomplishment, and everyone here va a por ellos!
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