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Sunshine and Siestas is a blog about all things Spain, including but not limited to moving to Spain and expat life, practical, fun travel tips for destinations with Spain and Europe, gastronomic and restaurant reviews, Spanish culture and history and poignant insights into making a life in a new country.

Sunshine and Siestas is proud to offer partnerships for various travel- and Spain-related content. We’re talking Sponsored Product Reviews – trips, gear, tours and activities, accommodation and more – , Banner Advertisements, and Press Trips. As always, a disclosure for any sponsored product will be mentioned, along with my personal opinions and a link back to the mentioned site.

The Bridge in Ronda

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If you’re just curious about Spain, need help with trip planning or want to get in touch, you’re welcome to use the same email address or the following form. For issues related to moving to Spain and ebooks I’ve co-authored, please see my other blog, COMO Consulting Spain.


  1. Hello! I am currently an Auxiliar in Extremadura and I will be traveling to Sevilla soon. I was wondering if you could recommend a great place for Flameno in Sevilla. I’ve done some research and have came up with touristy places that charge 30+ but if you have a local place to recommend I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  2. Hello, I just have a questions and I just want to know if someone (me) is interested in teaching in Spain, is now a good time? I have read so many different things about the economy, health care workers or strike etc. The things I have read so far have made me very concern. I am just wondering if it is just media hype? Any feed back that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sunshine and Siestas says:

      I’d say just do it, but why don’t you email me and we can discuss it? sunshineandsiestas @ gmail . com

  3. Hello I m the webmaster of excursiones animadas, I want to know if is posible list my site here or take a complete post of my product

    thank you very much

    Excursiones animadas!!!!

  4. Love the site being from Chicago are you aware of any Blues festivals around Seville?

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